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July 5th, 2016


The Todd L. Levitt Law Show airs every Sunday morning from 9:00am to 10:00am on 98.5 UPS, the classic hits station. The show features attorney Todd L. Levitt, co-host and producer Nikki Morrissette, and yours truly (Tyler B. Webb) as a weekly co-host.

Previous guests of the show include: State Representative Jeff Irwin (53rd District, City of Ann Arbor), Attorney Barton Morris from Cannabis Legal Group, Attorney Jon Marko, Attorney Dan Bain, author and leading lemon law and consumer protection attorney Steve Lehto, Marijuana legalization activist Brandon McQueen and others!

The show discusses a series of topics that include medical marijuana, and marijuana legalization, revenge porn, drivers license restoration laws, college campus news and much more. The Todd L. Levitt Law shows aims to create an educational, and fun listening experience for all those tuning in. All of the shows are uploaded to iTunes, Podbean and Soundcloud and are available to our listeners for FREE.

Check out the Todd L. Levitt Law Show on iTunes (<-- click the link!).

Thanks for listening!

Tyler B. Webb
Senior Law Clerk, Levitt Law Firm
Editor-In-Chief, collegelawyerblog.com


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