A majority of Michiganders in favor of the legalization of marijuana

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Tuesday, 3/29/16


A recent poll reveals that a majority of Michigan residents, 53%, are in favor of legalizing marijuana in the state.  

Those who are petitioning for a new marijuana proposal will need to accumulate 253,000 signatures for it to be added to November ballots.  The Detroit Free Press explains: "In brief, the ballot proposal would allow Michiganders 21 years or older to grow, possess and sell marijuana, let state and local governments pass regulations and impose up to a 10% tax on non-medical pot with funding earned for education, road repairs, and local governments."
MiLegalize is heading the charge for marijuana record in 2016. They have current;y amused a total of 250,000 signatures- just 3,000 short of the required amount. The group, however, is aiming for 300,000 signatures (to ensure they have 253,000 valid signatures) by the June 1st state deadline. This would ensure that a marijuana proposal would be placed on the ballot. 

If you are interested in supporting a marijuana proposal, please visit MiLegalize or to read more, visit, The Detroit Free Press.                                                                                              

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