Carrying Guns on College Campuses pt. 2

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FRIDAY, 2/12/16

The debate over whether or not students should be allowed to carry guns on college campuses has been in the media’s spotlight during recent times.

An article written last month by College Lawyer Blog’s own Seth Canner covered both sides of the growing debate. Those in opposition argue that allowing students to carry would increase campus shootings. Those in support of carrying on campus assert that allowing students to carry is simply an exercise of their second amendment rights. As Canner noted, the majority of college campuses currently do not allow any guns on campus aside from those used and carried by police.

However, Texas schools are about to break away from that majority. In August of this year, a law will go into effect in Texas which will make it legal for a student over the age of 21 to carry a handgun on campus if the student has obtained a concealed carry permit.

Despite the impending legality of carrying handguns on campus, college administrators do not have to be happy about it. In a statement on the matter, University Texas President Gregory Fenves said, "I do not believe handguns belong on a university campus, so this decision has been the greatest challenge of my presidency to date" (Herskovitz). Republican Governor Greg Abbott has a different perspective about campus carry. He believes that students with concealed carry permits who carry handguns on campus would have the opportunity to prevent potential mass shootings (Herskovitz).

The debate over whether students should be allowed to carry guns on college campuses is unlikely to end anytime soon. Gun rights and gun related issues tend to spark heated controversy in a nation whose governing document guarantees citizens the right to bear arms. But where should the line be drawn? The answer is not yet clear.

In a time of uncertain answers and blurred lines, one thing can be predicted. It is likely that in the coming years we will see states who elect to follow in Texas’ footsteps by passing legislation which legalizes campus carry.

Samantha Heuring
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Tyler Webb
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