Ohio Bill Allows Carrying Weapons In Educational Institutions

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Wednesday, 11/18/15


Yesterday, November 17th, House Bill 48 was passed in the Ohio House by a vote of 69-28. 

As a reader, you might be wondering what exactly House Bill 48 is.  HB 48 will allow those with a valid concealed carry license to carry weapons at places of worships, institutions of learning, school safety zones, day care centers, airports, and government facilities. Furthermore, it reduces the penalty of carrying these weapons under certain circumstances.  The bill can be further viewed in the bill analysis
Some legislators in the Ohio House commented on their frustration with the lack of debate over the issue while it was on the floor.

Representative Janine Boyd (D) responded to HB 48, "The Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association are among the longer list of those that oppose HB 48." Continuing on to say, "Even with limited information, there appears to be a relationship between high rates of gun deaths and high rates of gun ownership. So, HB 48 is the clearly a step in the wrong direction for our state, and it is the opposite of protecting life.”

Currently, it seems as though we are in an era of never ending, senseless violence. The right to bear arms still stands, but was it our Founding Father's intentions to bear them in school safety zones and day cares? Have we already forgotten what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary? It begs the question, why make it easier for violent individuals to commit these violent acts?

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-Seth Canner
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