Social media uproar seeks $15 million after being falsely accused

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Tuesday, 11/24/15


The teen behind the social media uproar, most notably, the Twitter hashtag: #StandWithAhmed is seeking $15 million dollars.

Ahmed Mohamed, 14, was arrested in September after bringing a homemade clock to school.  A teacher at MacArtuher High School mistook the student's clock for a bomb and taken away by authorities. 

A picture of Ahmed in handcuffs enveloped social media. Thousands upon thousands of people offered their support; including President Obama, who invited the high school student to the White House. However, the invitations did not stop there; Ahmed was graced with the opportunity to travel the world and meet other notable figures who empathized with him.

Now, Ahmed's attorney is seeking $15 million.  More specifically, $5 million from the school district, and $10 million from the city of Irving. The attorney claims that the whole ordeal has left Ahmed with "severe psychological trauma."  Concerns for the safety of the Mohamed family were brought up, as well.

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