Howard University Responds to Violent Threat

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Thursday, 11/12/15


Security and students at Howard University are both buzzing following an anonymous threat.

An individual, claiming to be a student from the University of Missouri, posted an anonymous threat in a web forum last night.  The derogatory post targets African American individuals at Howard University.  The claim is riddled with racial slurs and advises students to be weary of using the local metro system.  

Howard University officials believe that the threat is a result of the recent arrests at multiple universities within Missouri. Two men were arrested last night following threats that they had posted on social media. Unfortunately, these arrests have sparked further unrest in an area already poisoned by race based hate.   

The reactions toward the events unfolding at the University of Missouri have been astonishing.  Aliya Jones, a student activist at Howard University claims that students at HU were not shocked by the anonymous threat.
Because it is a predominately African American school, Aliya explains that racism is an everyday obstacle for students.

Security on campus and at surrounding metro stations have been heavily increased. Although, not all classes have been cancelled, campus, local, and federal officials are working together to keep students feeling safe and calm as they go about their days.

Anyone with any information regarding the anonymous threat is encouraged to contact the local police department or the FBI.  

To view the anonymous threat and to read more on this issue, follow the link provided: 

-Seth Canner
Levitt Law Firm, Law Clerk 


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